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How it works

Our Uniquely Tasmanian Club Hamper deals are sent out at the beginning of each month and include our featured product of the month and a selection of products chosen for their quality and compatibility with the featured product. Many of the products in the club hamper are not normally available for purchase through the Uniquely Tasmanian website and are exclusive to members through purchasing the monthly club hamper. There is no obligation to purchase a Uniquely Tasmanian Club Hamper each month. You may order as many club hampers as you like. We can even send them to your friends and families anywhere in Australia.

Orders will be processed as soon as possible and are packed in an appropriate way for the products that the monthly Hamper contains. If any of the contents of the Hamper are perishable they will be sent in specially designed cool boxes. Each Uniquely Tasmanian Club Hamper will contain product information and a recipe to allow you to savour each element of the Hamper.

Here is a sample Uniquely Tasmanian Club Hamper

Bream Creek schonburgerUniquely Tasmanian’s November Club Hamper

Contents of this box include

1 2010 Bream Creek Late Picked Schonburger       

1 Hill Farm Pear and Pistachio paste                        

1 Nutsnmore Raw Tasmanian Walnuts                     

1 The fudge a’fare Dark chocolate fudge                             

1 Sweet-As Chocodiles                                             

1 King Island Cheese Blue Roaring Forties 


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